Traditional Quilts by

Susan L. Jaenen-Griffin

"SunBonnet Ladies"

One of the first quilts I made (1979) Polyester Cotton fabrics.  Hand embroidered blanket stitches secure the applique.  Hand quilted on a makeshift frame built from scrap lumber.    190cm X 214 cm

Here I present some of my first quilts.  I admire all artists who are not afraid to show where they began.  I want to encourage anyone who has the desire to learn and explore this art form to just do it!  I believe it is important for artists to embrace where they are and also where they have come from in their artistic journey.  Some of the photographs are poor as they were taken over 30 years ago.  (imagine no digital cameras , no computerized sewing machines,  not even a rotary cutter!) These are NOT show quilts but these quilts are as important to me as the ones that have won awards as these quilts are my lessons, my inspirations and what keeps me humble.  So please be gentle with your critic  ...


One of the best ways to start quilting is with a sampler quilt (Left).  Domestic machine pieced & quilted,

100% commercial cotton fabric, cotton batting.

144cm X 190cm

I used 624 tiny scraps left over from the sampler quilt to create the miniature (Above)

"624 Logs Enrich My Log Cabin With the Colors of Autumn"

38cm X48cm

"Reminising" was my first crazy quilt.  Embellished with fancy quilt stitches from my old clothing sewing machine.  Hand quilted - no batting.  160cm X 220 cm