Lyme Dis-Ease Series
by Susan L. Jaenen-Griffin



When you have Lyme there is no point in planning as you cannot be assured that you will be well enough to carry out any commitments.  As the disease drags on for months and years your friends gradually drift away, who can blame them?  I don’t.  There are few supports of any kind in place for this disease and Lyme patients fall through the cracks so often that we eventually give up looking to others for help.    You come to accept that this journey is yours and you are very much alone.  Those days when the disease weakened me physically as well I found comfort leaning against the strength of a tree. 


Materials:  Original design; 100% cotton fabrics, batik fabrics, hand altered fabric, embroidery cottons, hand dyed gauze, hand dyed cotton fabric, bamboo batting, and polyester threads.


Techniques:  Satin stitch appliqué, raw edge appliqué, decorative stitch appliqué, hand dyeing, free motion machine quilting, fabric manipulation, piecing and hand embroidery.

12 ½” x 12 ½” (32cm x 32cm)


Dedication:  To my good friends who remained my friends when I wasn’t well enough to be a good friend back.  


"Good Over Evil; Light Over Dark; Knowledge Over Ignorance:

The Lyme Dis-Ease Series

Designed, Appliqued, Stitched & Quilted

By Susan L. Jaenen-Griffin

Diwali 2015



Diwali celebrates the good over evil, light over dark and knowledge over ignorance.  The inspiration for this piece came from that philosophy and a gold coin by the Royal Canadian Mint.   I envisioned fireworks sparking a change and the light outshining brain fog.   Dragonflies are included for their association with change and light.   Rangolis are colorful designs that are drawn on floors to welcome guests during this festival of lights.  I encompassed a healing mantra into my Rangoli.

Materials:  Original design, 100% cotton fabric, gauze, hand dyed cotton fabric, metallic fabric, metallic braiding, embroidery cotton, seed beads, bamboo batting, polyester and rayon threads.   

40” x 24 ½” (102cm x 62cm)

Techniques:  Satin stitch appliqué, raw edge appliqué, hand embroidery, thread painting, beading, couching, piecing, domestic machine quilting.

The “Lemon-Aide with a Twist of Lyme” sub-series included twenty-six quilts and incorporated seventy-five different quilting techniques.  I created this collection while re-learning the quilting techniques I had lost due to Lyme disease.  This piece represents the letter “T”

“T”  “Teasel Extract (Dipsacus asperoids)”

Classical late stage Lyme infection can come in phases with the debilitating symptoms receding for a short while and then reappearing often even more violently.  Teasel at a dosage of one to three drops is a powerful herb and one that I consider to be a game changer for me! Some believe that for every sickness there is a healing plant and Teasel has been written about and used extensively by anthropologists, herbalist and various cultures in the treatment of Lyme.  Drawn to the beauty of this plant I now grow it in my herb garden.

Materials: Original design, 100% cotton fabrics, batik fabrics, hand dyed fabrics, bamboo batting, polyester threads.  7” x 9 ½” (18cm x 24cm)

Techniques:  Raw edge appliqué, hand dyeing, domestic machine quilting.