The Lyme Dis-Ease Series 
by Susan L. Jaenen-Griffin

“52 Yarns of Lyme - The Lyme Dis-ease Series”

is a collection of 52 fibre art pieces portraying my journey with Lyme disease. 

My objective was to acknowledge the healing value of creating art and to bring awareness to Lyme disease.

Through the medium of fibre each of these traditional quilts, contemporary art quilts, 3d fibre pieces, abstract and mixed media pieces tell a ‘yarn’ or a story.  The twenty-six quilts in the “Lemon-Aide with a Twist of Lyme” collection showcase over seventy-five different quilting techniques and were inspired by the myriad of treatments and remedies I utilized in my journey with Lyme disease.  I designed these quilts to mirror prayer flags with the goal to re-learn the quilting techniques I had lost during that illness.



My art is influenced by my desire to give it a voice and my love of color.   I endeavor to design unique pieces from my soul rather than from another artist’s conception or pattern.  I respect the workmanship of traditional quilting and often incorporate traditional elements into my contemporary work such as using the double fold binding on many of my quilts.  The theme that I wish to express will always override the choice of medium so if antique linen or a piece of upholstery fabric is needed I will use that over traditional cotton fabrics.  I borrow techniques from other art genres as illustrated by a piece in this exhibit that uses a

paper like fibre product in a technique similar to 3D paper toile. 

Creating this exhibit enabled me to recover my skills and to return to the joy of creating while supporting my recovery. 

Thank you for your interest in my work.


Susan L. Jaenen-Griffin

"52 Yarns of Lyme - The Lyme Dis-Ease Series"


A strand of cotton, wool or fibre;

to relate a story.


A condition which impairs normal functioning that is manifested by symptoms.

"Dis-ease" is a hyphenated variation of disease used by individuals who choose to emphasis

imbalance and not to empower their health issues by focusing on the symptoms.

“A Shadow of My Former Self”

Designed to be seen on both sides this piece is meant to represent the depth of destruction that Lyme wages on its victim leaving them to believe that they are a mere shadow of their former selves.   Lyme can and does affect every system in your body as the borrelia microbes quickly clear your bloodstream and penetrate deeply into all your tissues and cells. 

It can drill its corkscrew shape into your joint cartilage and brain tissues before shifting into a cyst

to outsmart your immune system.

Little black dress fabric was chosen to signify the loss of that option and the dark side of this horrific disease. 

Until there is more awareness there will not be sufficient funding for research which leaves patients and their families

largely in the dark fighting to find their own solutions at their own costs.

Those who are on the forefront of Lyme research know that Lyme is killing people. 

The morgue-like toe tags hanging from the base are pretty on one side because often Lyme patients look ‘just fine’ to others. 

The back of the tags present the real story of Lyme,

that it affects every body system and often several of these systems simultaneously. 


Materials:  Original design, polyester-crepe fabric, muslin, polyester threads, 100% cotton fabric, batiks,

hand dyed cotton fabric, interfacing, seed beads, lace trim, cotton and rayon embroidery threads,

silk ribbons, pearls, metallic threads, bias tape, bamboo batting.

 26” x 54” (66cm x 137cm)


Techniques:  Whole cloth quilting, satin stitch appliqué, raw edge appliqué, beading, hand embroidery, ribbon work, collage, piecing, embellishment, hand dyeing, domestic machine quilting.


"Lemon Aide With A Twist of Lyme"

26 original designs incorporating 75 different quilting techniques.

The Art Show April 2017