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  I am a Canadian mixed media artist who is currently concentrating on fibre art.  Art has always played an important role in my life and I have enjoyed many genres as my website shows.

On April 8th, 2017 I held my first solo fibre art exhibition “50 Yarns of Lyme – The Lyme Dis-Ease Series” in Moosomin, Saskatchewan.  It included 50 different fibre pieces which portray my journey with Lyme disease that I completed as part of my recovery therapy.   

The purpose of publically presenting these pieces is to show the value that creating art played in the healing process.

I would like to acknowledge all those who supported me at this show.  The response was overwhelming and I am grateful to each of you for taking the time to visit my exhibition.

I had two unfinished pieces which I completed in 2018 and premiered at Weyburn's Spring Bouquet of Quilts Show in April, 2018.  I’ve since renamed my exhibition

 “52 Yarns of Lyme – The Lyme Dis-Ease Series.” 

My goal is to continue showing these works as a way to bring awareness to the support that art plays in the healing process. 

I am now concentrating on a new series.  My focus this year will be to perfect a new technique that I experimented with in one of the pieces in my Lyme Dis-Ease Series.  I will also be hand dyeing more fabrics and fibres to use in my art.  

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Susan L. Jaenen-Griffin

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